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Granite Countertop Renewal

Granite is one of the most common materials that is used for making kitchen countertops. The reasons that make granite such a popular choice are its beauty and durability. Granite countertops look exclusive and have the ability to completely transform the appearance of the room. If we talk about its durability, the countertops made from granite will surely provide you with years of service effortlessly.

But if you have granite countertop in your home, you will see that the countertops start losing the luster over time. Even when a layer of sealant is applied on the countertop, it gets thin over time and then dirt, grime, water and other contaminants start seeping through it. No matter what product you use or how hard you rub the surface, the countertop will fail to regain its actual beauty. Chem-Dry with its unique granite countertop renewal service in Broward County can provide you with the required results.

Unique Renewal Technique

The granite countertop renewal technique we use has been tested by an independent laboratory multiple times at different homes and the laboratory has come up with the conclusion that our technique can remove 98.4% of the bacteria on an average from the granite surface.

The cleaning solution that we use in the renewal process is able to reach to the deeper surfaces of the countertop to eliminate the germs and other contaminants. After thoroughly cleaning the surface, a layer of sealant is applied on the countertop to make sure that the contaminants are not able to reach up to these surfaces. The cleaning solution that we use in the process is Green Certified which suggests that the solution is completely safe for use and does not contain any harsh chemicals.

Simple and Effective 4 Step Renewal Process

While the renewal requirements can be different between homes, the process generally involves 4 different steps-

  1. Cleaning and Scrubbing- We first start cleaning the surface with the help of our proprietary cleaning solution to remove the accumulation of dirt, germs, grime and other contaminants. As the solution is made from natural ingredients, it is completely safe for your kids and pets.
  2. Removal of Residue- The next step is the removal of the residue. This is done with the help of a powerful residue remover.
  3. Sealing- Once the residue is removed, we seal the countertop with our proprietary sealant which only requires about 3-5 minutes for drying.
  4. Polishing- The fourth and final step is using our proprietary polish on the countertop to infuse a new life into the countertop. 

As you can see, the process is pretty simple but highly effective at the same time. If you are located in Broward County and have a granite countertop that has lost its shine, get in touch with Chem-Dry and we can surely help you out.

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