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Rugs do add an enhanced appeal to the decor of any room. But no matter how hard you try, accidental drops, spills, and accidents can never be completely prevented. Add to this the daily foot traffic and over time, your rug starts losing the beauty that it carried when it first arrived at your home. Even if you regularly and frequently clean the rugs with the best of tools and products, there is no way you retain its beauty over a long period of time.

While you yourself cannot do it, how about taking help of professional rug cleaners in Fort Lauderdale? With years of experience in the field, Chem-Dry has created a reputation of being the best rug and carpet cleaner in whole of Broward Bounty. Our dedication towards our customers and use of advanced cleaning techniques has allowed to offer services that are far better than our competitors. 

Revolutionary Cleaning Method

Rather than using the same old cleaning method which leaves a large amount of sticky residue on the top layer of the rugs, we use our innovative HCE process rugs cleaning in Fort Lauderdale. One of the major problems with traditional cleaning techniques is the fact that large amounts of soapy solutions are used in the cleaning process and most of it remains on the rugs even after drying. This sticky residue starts working as a dirt magnet. As soon as someone walks on this sticky residue, all the dirt, grime, etc. that is settled at the bottom of their footwear sticks on the rugs. As a result, within a very short span of time, the rugs start looking dirty again.

However, our revolutionary HCE process is a lot different from all the standard cleaning procedures. We make use of a proprietary cleaning solution which is created from natural ingredients to eliminate dirt, grime, etc. from the deepest layers of the carpets. This solution pushes these contaminants towards the upper layer from the rugs from where they are eliminated with the help of a suction equipment.

Minimum Use of Water

Throughout the process of rugs cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, a very small amount of water is used and as a result, there is no need for long hours to dry the carpet, which is generally the outcome of traditional cleaning procedures. Right from cleaning, washing and drying, our rug cleaning process can get completed within 2-3 hours. However, if the condition is very severe, then it can take longer durations.

Forget the old rug cleaning methods and get in touch with Chem-Dry to experience innovative rugs cleaning in Fort Lauderdale.